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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The Crested Butte Community School Advisory Accountability Committee met on October 19th at 4:00 pm in the CBCS Media Center.  Chairperson Tyler Martineau called the meeting to order at 4:08 pm.


A quorum was reached. The following individuals were present:

Sally Johnson                           Tyler Martineau                                  

Stephanie Niemi                      Ian Billick       

Tara Wirsing                            Caren Carroll                          

Marilyn Krill                            Chrissie Nehrenberg

Lindsay Oleson                       Sally Hensley                          

            Corrie White                            Kriste Lyon

            Laura Daniel                            Laurie Voegeli

            Tattie Bailey                            Krista Hildebrandt

            Sarah Winn                              Kari Commerford

            Elina Smith





A motion was made to approve the minutes from the October 19, 2016 meeting.  Motion was seconded and unanimously approved.




GCSAPP Healthy Kids Survey Results: 

  • Kari Commerford of the Gunnison County Substance Abuse Prevention Project (GCSAPP) presented the results from the most recent Healthy Kids survey.  The following is taken from the GCSAPP website:  GCSAPP is a community coalition that cares about the health of Gunnison County youth.  Through the work of the coalition, youth are supported and celebrated in making healthy decisions.  The mission of GCSAPP is to utilize evidence-based strategies and community mobilization to reduce substance use by youth in Gunnison County so youth can become healthy, stable, and productively involved in their communities.  A survey covering topics ranging from drug and alcohol use and mental and sexual health to physical activity and safety is given to children in grades 6-12 every year.  The results for the high school (9-12th) for 2015 show that our school has some areas of concern, including alcohol and drug use as well as mental health (thoughts of suicide and depression).  In the subject of “protective factors” (i.e. whether a child feels that they have an adult that they can go to in a time of need, parent engagement and a sense of connectedness to their school), more CB children reported positively than the state average.  However, there is a percentage of our students who do not feel that they have support and this is what GCSAPP and the school will be working to improve. Together we would like to communicate areas of concern to parents, without being alarmist, along with helpful suggestions and resources for parents.   Tyler Martineau questioned whether the coalition has studied addiction to technology and gaming and Kari stated that this is an area that they consider to be more and more of an issue that will need to be addressed.  



  • Discussion tabled until December 2016 meeting. 




  • Kriste Lyon reported that her statistics class is working hard on the population study and seem to be very excited about the “real world” experience that they are getting by doing this!
  • Krista Hildebrandt presented a preliminary proposal for a new Outdoor Education program for our high school.  She would like to see more “alternative”/O.E. classes offered for credit toward graduation, such as avalanche awareness.  The Gunnison high school currently has a very successful O.E. program, although students do not receive credits for the classes.  Krista attended a snow safety awareness workshop recently and heard about a program that the Jackson, Wyoming schools have implemented – they offer avalanche awareness as a part of the science program in elementary and middle schools and then high schoolers can apply to be part of an avalanche education program for credit.  Krista is in the planning phase of this proposal, but believes that there are many entities that could help get the program going (both financially and logistically), including the CB Avalanche Center, Irwin Backcountry Guides, the CBMR Ski Patrol and others.  She would like to work with the school, SAAC, BOE, etc… on this outdoor education program.  
    • Stephanie Niemi applauded the work that Krista is doing on this proposal. However, as we are aware, this comes down to a resource issue – money! - specifically, staffing and facility space during the regular school year.  She suggested that it might start out as a summer – or winter break – experience using money from Fund 26.  Also, current credit requirements for graduation only specify one credit for PE, which is what O.E. counts toward.
    • Chrissie Nehrenberg commented that this is the type of creative learning path that we are moving toward for our kids – the new Pathways program fits in with this for those students who do not fit the mold of the “traditional” school program. 
    • Krista will continue to work on her program proposal and will keep SAAC informed.  






The next regular meeting of the accountability committee will be held on November 7, 2016 at 4 pm. 




The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm.


Prepared by Sally Johnson

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